Rides Page

People often ask about good places to ride. I decided to make this page about places to ride. Some I've done...some I'd like to do.

Smoky Mountain area

Cades Cove (20 miles)
Cherohala Skyway (51 miles)
Clingman's Dome (7 miles) - a nice and curvy drive
Fontana Dam (aka Hellbender 28) (34 miles)
Foothills Parkway (17 miles)
Little River Road (20 miles)
Maggie Valley (24 miles) - curvy and scenic road
Tail of the Dragon (11 miles)
US321 East (31 miles) - a nice cruising ride
US441 across the Smokies (30 miles)
West Blue Ridge Parkway (77 miles)
The Rattler (North Carolina)
Toilet Flush (17 miles) - This is what we named NC226 off of the Blue Ridge Parkway near Spruce Pine. The first few miles are 'down and around' just like a toilet flush. Take NC-226A back to the parkway for a cool loop.

Sometimes sections can be put together for loops:

Foothills Parkway, The Dragon, Cherohala Skyway (158 miles)
Foothills Parkway, The Dragon, Fontana Dam, US441, Clingman's Dome, River Road (159 miles)
Maggie Valley, Blue Ridge Parkway (118 miles)
US321, US411 loop (57 miles)

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